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Nestled in the heart of Devon, this bustling town beckons with a blend of historic charm and vibrant modernity, making it a must-visit destination. Our self-catering accommodation in Exeter range from converted barns to modern apartments, from dog-friendly to child-friendly, from luxurious cottages with hot tubs to affordable cosy cottages for two. Steeped in history, the city boasts iconic landmarks like the stunning Gothic cathedral, dating back over 900 years, and the medieval underground passages that unveil the city's intriguing past. The bustling quayside offers a picturesque spot to unwind, lined with cafes, bars, and boutiques along the River Exe. For culture enthusiasts, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum showcases diverse exhibits spanning art, archaeology, and natural history. Nature lovers can explore nearby Dartmoor National Park or head to the tranquil Exeter's Historic Quayside for a leisurely boat tour. Exeter's thriving culinary scene offers a delectable array of eateries and markets. From traditional Devonshire cream teas to international cuisines served in quaint cafes and fine dining establishments, food enthusiasts are treated to a gastronomic adventure. The city's lively atmosphere, especially during festivals and events like the Exeter Festival of South West Food & Drink or the Exeter Christmas Market, provides a festive and welcoming ambience for all. Want to know more, then check out our selection of Exeter cottages below.

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Inspiration of things to see and do in our holiday cottages in Exeter

This historic city offers a mix of cultural attractions, historical landmarks, and beautiful surroundings. Explore Exeter Cathedral, a magnificent medieval cathedral with stunning Gothic architecture and rich history. Don't miss the roof tours for panoramic views of the city. Explore Haldon Forest Park, a woodland area just outside Exeter. Enjoy walking, cycling, or even swinging through the trees on a high ropes course. With the largest collection of Devon holiday cottages, we have the perfect home away from home for you.

Here are the top five things to see and do in our holiday cottages in Exeter:

Go shopping on Gandy Street

A charming, narrow street lined with unique shops, cafes, and boutiques. Its historic vibe and quirky offerings, from independent stores to hidden gems, make it a delightful spot for shopping and exploration.

Discover Exeter's Underground Passages

Discover the city's hidden history by exploring the medieval underground passages. These eerie, narrow tunnels provide a fascinating glimpse into Exeter's past, offering a unique and slightly eerie adventure.

Visit The House that Moved

Witness an extraordinary feat of engineering history at the "House that Moved." This 16th-century house was physically moved in 1961 to make way for road widening, and the process is a testament to both innovation and preservation.

Join Exeter's Red Coat Guided Tours

Join one of the city's famous Red Coat Guided Tours for an entertaining and informative stroll through Exeter's historic streets. These costumed guides provide quirky anecdotes and hidden tales about the city's past.

Explore The RAMM (Royal Albert Memorial Museum)

Explore this fascinating museum, not just for its collections but also for its intriguing displays, including unusual artifacts and thought-provoking exhibitions that offer a different perspective on history and culture.

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