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Stepping into Branscombe feels like entering a time capsule, where the pace of life slows down. The village's timeless appeal extends to its working forge and the Old Bakery, where traditional methods are still cherished and practiced. The South West Coast Path winds through Branscombe, unveiling mesmerising vistas and hidden coves, perfect for quiet contemplation or adventurous exploration. Nestled within the captivating scenery of the Jurassic Coast, Branscombe holds a magnetic charm that beckons those seeking a quintessential English coastal experience. Its idyllic setting boasts rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, and rolling green hills, offering a serene retreat from bustling city life. Situated between Sidmouth and Seaton in East Devon, this historic village is the perfect location to enjoy outstanding natural beauty and stunning sea views. Our self catering accommodation caters for all, from dog-friendly to child-friendly and for all budgets. From cosy cottages for two to larger family friendly homes. If you're looking for an authentic Devon experience then look no further than our holiday cottages in Branscombe.

Beer and Branscombe coastline

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Inspiration of things to see and do from our Branscombe holiday cottages

Every visit to Branscombe is a chance to embrace tranquility, savor local flavours, and forge connections both with the land and its people—a true haven for those seeking an authentic English coastal escape. In Branscombe, amidst its serene charm, there are some delightfully quirky attractions that add a unique twist to your visit. With the largest collection of holiday cottages in Devon, we have the perfect home away from home for you.

Here are our top 5 things to see and do from our Branscombe holiday cottages:

Step into history at The Old Bakery

Step into history at this centuries-old bakery where traditional baking methods are still practiced. Don't miss the chance to savor freshly baked goods made using age-old recipes.

Explore Manor Mill

Explore the workings of this historic watermill, where you can witness the intricate mechanisms that powered grain production in times past. It's a fascinating peek into the village's industrial heritage.

Visit Forge Cottage

Visit the working forge where you can watch blacksmiths craft metal items using traditional techniques. It's a hands-on experience where you might even get the chance to create your own souvenir.

Discover Gardens at Great Seaside Farm

Discover whimsical gardens adorned with sculptures and unique plantings. The quirky layout and eclectic mix of flora make for an enchanting stroll.

Experience Lace-making Demonstrations

Experience the art of lace-making, an age-old craft that's still alive in Branscombe. Watch skilled artisans create intricate lace patterns and maybe even try your hand at it.

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Beer and Branscombe coastline