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On the stunning North Devon coast Ilfracombe is the perfect destination for a family-friendly coastal escape. This beautiful village with its dramatic coastline is an ideal holiday destination for those who are after endless sea views, golden sandy beaches and a fantastic range of short coastal walks. Our wide range of self-catering accommodation puts you in charge of how you wish to spend your time. Along with our dog-friendly collection, our holiday cottages in Ilfracombe deliver a year-round family holiday experience. Apart from its wide sandy beaches and mild climate, this destination offers plenty of activities for those who want to explore further afield. From the town's aquarium, wildlife cruises and ‘Tunnels' Beaches to corn mills, haunted manors and a chocolate emporium, which will help keep little ones entertained if the weather is not being kind. Sample some of the mouthwatering eateries that serve locally sourced produce, or pick up some at the markets and head back to your Ilfracombe holiday cottage to celebrate with loved ones.

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Discover the extraordinary side of Ilfracombe

Ilfracombe, a coastal gem, invites holidaymakers to uncover its quirky side amidst stunning landscapes. Begin your exploration by gazing upon the striking and controversial 'Verity,' a towering sculpture by Damien Hirst. This imposing figure, divided into pregnant and anatomical halves, stands guard over the harbour, sparking conversation and contemplation.

Delve into the peculiar at the Ilfracombe Museum, showcasing an eclectic mix of exhibits, from local maritime history to curiosities like a shrunken head. Embrace the unconventional by embarking on a Landmark Theatre experience—a distinctive venue carved into the cliffs offering live performances and events against a breathtaking backdrop of the sea.

Seek adventure at the Tunnels Beaches, a network of hand-carved tunnels leading to secluded coves and tidal pools. These Victorian tunnels add an enigmatic touch to your seaside escapades. For a taste of the whimsical, take a stroll along the South West Coast Path towards Hillsborough Hill, where panoramic views reward your hike, and the remains of an ancient hill fort add an air of mystery.

Cap off your day with a visit to one of the quirky eateries or pubs, each boasting their own unique charm. Ilfracombe offers a tapestry of eccentric experiences that weave seamlessly into its coastal beauty, promising an unforgettable and offbeat adventure.

Ilfracombe Harbour

Inspiration of things to see and do in our holiday cottages in Ilfracombe

This coastal town in North Devon, England, offers a mix of natural beauty, artistic attractions, and outdoor activities. Take a boat trip to Lundy Island, a designated Marine Conservation Zone; explore the historic Chambercombe Manor; or enjoy traditional cream teas and fresh seafood at local eateries. With the largest collection of Devon holiday cottages, we have the perfect home away from home for you.

Here are the top five things to see and do in our holiday cottages in Ilfracombe:

Explore Ilfracombe Harbour

Explore Ilfracombe Harbour, a bustling waterfront area with fishing boats, pleasure cruises, and waterfront restaurants. Take a stroll along the quayside and enjoy the sea views.

Admire the Verity Sculpture

Admire the Verity sculpture by Damien Hirst, a striking and controversial artwork located on the pier. This towering statue depicts a pregnant woman holding a sword and scales.

Visit Tunnels Beaches

Visit Tunnels Beaches, a unique network of hand-carved tunnels leading to secluded beaches. Enjoy rock pools, tidal pools, and stunning coastal views.

Discover Ilfracombe Aquarium

Discover marine life at Ilfracombe Aquarium, featuring local species and interactive exhibits. Learn about the diverse marine ecosystems of the North Devon coast.

Hike the South West Coast Path

Hike a section of the South West Coast Path, which passes through Ilfracombe. Enjoy breathtaking coastal vistas, rugged cliffs, and opportunities for wildlife spotting.

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