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Amongst the picturesque landscapes and historic towns, our Suffolk holiday cottages offer a welcoming retreat for your escape. Explore the charming streets of Lavenham, a medieval village frozen in time with its timber-framed cottages and winding lanes. Immerse yourself in history at Framlingham Castle, a majestic fortress steeped in tales of the past. Suffolk's coastline, including Aldeburgh and Southwold, boasts pristine beaches and colourful beach huts. Taste the region's renowned produce, from Adnams beer to freshly caught fish, in local pubs and seafood shacks. The idyllic landscapes, combined with the comfort of our Suffolk holiday cottages, make it the perfect destination for a rejuvenating escape, steeped in history and wrapped in the embrace of the English countryside.

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If you want to explore England at its best, then Suffolk is a charming and picturesque destination with a rich history and diverse attractions. Looking for a little more oppulence to your holiday cottage, then why not treat yourself to one of our Suffolk cottages with hot tubs?

Here are some of the main places to visit in Suffolk:

  1. Ipswich: The county town of Suffolk, Ipswich, offers a blend of historical landmarks, cultural experiences, and waterfront charm. Explore Ipswich Waterfront, visit Christchurch Mansion, and discover the town's maritime heritage at the Ipswich Museum.

  2. Bury St. Edmunds: This historic market town is home to the magnificent St. Edmundsbury Cathedral, Abbey Gardens, and the ruins of Bury St. Edmunds Abbey. The town also boasts a thriving food and drink scene, with a variety of pubs, restaurants, and a popular street market.

  3. Southwold: A quintessential coastal town, Southwold is known for its charming beach huts, traditional pier, and the iconic Southwold Lighthouse. Take a stroll along the promenade, enjoy fresh seafood, and explore the unique independent shops and galleries.

  4. Aldeburgh: Nestled on the Suffolk Heritage Coast, Aldeburgh is a tranquil seaside retreat with a rich cultural scene. Visit Aldeburgh Beach, stroll along the high street lined with colourful houses, and sample the famous fish and chips from one of the town's renowned eateries.

  5. Framlingham Castle: Explore the impressive Framlingham Castle, a 12th-century fortress surrounded by scenic parkland. Climb the castle walls for panoramic views, discover its history through exhibitions, and enjoy picnics in the castle grounds.