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Experience the ultimate getaway at our charming Dulverton cottages. Nestled in the heart of natural beauty, our holiday cottage homes offer a tranquil retreat for those seeking relaxation and adventure. Discover the timeless charm of Dulverton as you indulge in breathtaking views, explore shops and cafés, and immerse yourself in nature's wonders. Our carefully curated selection of cottages ensures a comfortable stay with all the modern amenities you need. Whether you're planning a romantic weekend break or a family holiday, our Dulverton cottages provide the perfect base to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and cycling. Unwind by cosy fireplaces, soak in luxurious tubs, and savour delicious local cuisine at nearby restaurants. Escape the ordinary and book your dream holiday in Dulverton today!

Tarr Steps, a clapper bridge across the River Barle. Exmoor National Park, Somerset,

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Don't settle for the ordinary. Book your dream holiday in Dulverton today and experience a truly unforgettable escape. With the largest collection of Somerset holiday cottages, we have the perfect home away from home for you.

Here are the top 5 things to see and do from our cottages in Dulverton:

Tarr Steps

Located just outside of Dulverton, Tarr Steps is a famous ancient clapper bridge spanning the River Barle. Dating back to the Bronze Age, this picturesque bridge is surrounded by beautiful countryside and offers great opportunities for walks and picnics.

Exmoor National Park

Dulverton is situated on the edge of Exmoor National Park, renowned for its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and outdoor activities. Visitors can explore the park's scenic trails, go hiking or cycling, spot wildlife such as red deer and wild ponies, or simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Dulverton Heritage Centre

Learn about the history and heritage of Dulverton and its surrounding area at the Dulverton Heritage Centre. Housed in a former school building, the center features informative displays, artifacts, and exhibitions detailing the town's past, including its connections to Exmoor.

Dulverton Weir and Mill

Take a stroll along the River Barle to admire the picturesque Dulverton Weir and Mill. This historic watermill, dating back to the 18th century, offers a glimpse into the area's industrial heritage. The tranquil riverside setting is perfect for a leisurely walk or a spot of wildlife watching.

Dulverton Town Trail

Explore Dulverton's charming streets and historic landmarks with the Dulverton Town Trail. This self-guided walking trail takes you past notable buildings such as the 19th-century All Saints Church, the Market Hall, and the Old Town Hall, providing insights into the town's architecture and heritage.

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