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This charming coastal town nestled along the stunning Jurassic Coast of Dorset invites you with its timeless beauty and diverse attractions. Known for its pristine sandy beaches, including the family-friendly Swanage Beach, this town is a haven for sun-seekers and water enthusiasts. Swanage is also a gateway to natural wonders like Durlston Country Park and Old Harry Rocks, offering breathtaking vistas of rugged cliffs and the English Channel. For history buffs, the Swanage Railway provides a nostalgic steam train journey through the picturesque countryside. The town's relaxed atmosphere is complemented by its charming shops, quaint tearooms, and seafood restaurants, where you can savour fresh catch-of-the-day dishes. Swanage also hosts lively festivals and events, such as the Swanage Folk Festival and the annual Swanage Carnival. So if you fancy a break from the ordinary then search our collection of Swanage cottages today.

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Inspiration of things to see and do in our cottages in Swanage

This beautiful coastal town in Dorset offers a wonderful mix of natural beauty, historical landmarks, and family-friendly attractions. Here are the top five things to see and do:

  1. Swanage Beach: Spend a day relaxing on Swanage Beach, a pristine sandy shore with clear waters perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Enjoy beachfront cafes and stunning views of the Purbeck coastline.

  2. Swanage Railway: Take a nostalgic steam train journey on the Swanage Railway, which runs through the scenic Isle of Purbeck countryside. Enjoy the vintage experience and stop off at the charming village of Corfe Castle along the way.

  3. Durlston Country Park: Explore Durlston Country Park, a nature reserve with coastal cliffs, meadows, and walking trails. Keep an eye out for wildlife, including dolphins and seabirds, and admire the striking Tilly Whim Caves.

  4. Swanage Pier: Walk along Swanage Pier, a Victorian-era structure that offers beautiful views of the coastline and provides opportunities for fishing and crabbing.

  5. Corfe Castle: Visit the nearby ruins of Corfe Castle, a striking medieval fortress perched atop a hill. Explore the castle's history, dramatic scenery, and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.