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This coastal gem on the south coast with its picture-perfect beaches stretching along the bay, invites you to bask in the sun or even to take a stroll along the promenade. The bustling harbour, adorned with colourful boats, sets the scene for seafood feasts at waterfront eateries. Weymouth's Georgian architecture adds a touch of elegance to the town, while the lively esplanade teems with amusements, ice cream parlors, and the joyful sound of laughter. From the iconic Jurassic Coast to family-friendly attractions like Sandworld and the Sea Life Adventure Park, Weymouth offers a delightful mix of relaxation and adventure. Whether you're savouring fish and chips by the sea, exploring historic Nothe Fort, or simply unwinding with a sunset view, Weymouth promises an unforgettable coastal escape. Search our collection of hand-picked Weymouth holiday cottages for a classic British seaside escapade.

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Stretching for three miles along the coast, Weymouth Beach is a stunning sandy expanse with crystal-clear waters. Enjoy sunbathing, sandcastle building, and swimming, or take a stroll along the promenade.With, a wide selection of holiday cottages in Dorset we have the ideal holiday home for you.

Here are the top 5 things to see and do from our cottages in Weymouth:

Sand Sculptures at Sandworld

Immerse yourself in the world of sand art at Sandworld, where talented sculptors craft intricate sculptures from the golden grains. Marvel at the creativity displayed in this unique and ever-changing exhibition.

Swannery in Abbotsbury

Take a short trip to Abbotsbury Swannery, where you can witness a spectacle of hundreds of mute swans. Stroll through this historic site and enjoy the charming presence of these elegant birds in a natural setting.

Nothe Fort Ghost Tours

Embark on a spine-tingling adventure with the Nothe Fort Ghost Tours. Explore the historic fort after dark, hearing tales of paranormal activity and mysterious occurrences in this atmospheric and unconventional tour.

Greenhill Gardens Miniature Railway

All aboard the Greenhill Gardens Miniature Railway! Experience a journey through beautifully landscaped gardens on a miniature steam train, offering a delightful and nostalgic escape for visitors of all ages.

Weymouth Old Harbour Underwater Sculpture Trail

Dive into a unique experience with the Weymouth Old Harbour Underwater Sculpture Trail. Snorkel or scuba dive to discover a series of underwater sculptures, adding an unconventional and artistic twist to exploring the marine environment off Weymouth's coast.

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