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Looking for the perfect getaway? Look no further than Newport for your next holiday destination. With its charming cottages, stunning views, and endless activities, Newport has something for everyone. Whether you're looking to relax on the beach, explore the local cuisine, or immerse yourself in the rich history of the area, Newport has it all. Stay in one of our cosy cottages and experience all that this beautiful town has to offer. From scenic hikes to water sports, Newport truly has something for every type of traveller. Book your Newport cottage today and start planning the holiday of a lifetime. Experience the magic of Newport and create memories that will last a lifetime in our charming cottages.

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Newport offers a mix of historical sites, natural beauty, and cultural attractions. With the largest collection of Isle of Wight cottages, we have the perfect home away from home for you.

Here are the top five things to see and do in Newport:

Carisbrooke Castle

This historic castle dates back to the 12th century and offers a fascinating glimpse into Isle of Wight's past. Explore the castle grounds, climb the medieval walls, and visit the museum to learn about its rich history, including its role in imprisoning King Charles I.

Quay Arts Centre

Located in a converted 19th-century brewery warehouse, Quay Arts Centre is a vibrant cultural hub hosting art exhibitions, live music, theater performances, and workshops. It's a great place to immerse yourself in the local arts scene.

Newport Roman Villa

Step back in time at the Newport Roman Villa, where you can explore the remains of a Romano-British farmhouse dating back to the third century AD. Marvel at the well-preserved mosaic floors and learn about life in Roman Britain through interactive displays.

Newport Harbour

Take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Newport Harbour, where you can watch the boats come and go, enjoy views of the Medina River, and sample fresh seafood at one of the waterside restaurants or cafes.

Parkhurst Forest

Nature lovers shouldn't miss Parkhurst Forest, a tranquil woodland just outside Newport. Explore scenic walking trails, spot local wildlife, and enjoy a peaceful picnic amid the beautiful surroundings. Keep an eye out for the ancient oak trees that are hundreds of years old.

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