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Nestled within the heart of Cardigan Bay on Wales' beautiful west coast, this charming seaside resort truly stands out. With its inviting sandy beaches and quaint harbour, it's an ideal spot for family fun by the sea, any time of year. The area is also a haven for nature lovers, especially those fascinated by the wild bottlenose dolphins that call these waters home. Watching them frolic from the quay or experiencing their playful antics up close on a boat tour can be a magical experience you'll never forget. For admirers of Dylan Thomas, Ceredigion County council offers an immersive map and walking route to trace his footsteps around New Quay and beyond—perfect for literary enthusiasts seeking to connect with his legacy in this picturesque setting. Additionally, this region boasts some fantastic walking trails along coastal paths that provide breathtaking views every step of the way. No matter how you choose to explore this serene town, consider staying in one of our carefully selected New Quay cottages.

Aerial view of boats and the beach at the colorful Welsh seaside town of New Quay in Cardigan Bay

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This picturesque coastal town is known for its stunning beaches, marine life, and charming atmosphere. With the largest selection of Ceredigion holiday cottages, we've got you covered.

Here are the top 5 things to see and do from our cottages in New Quay:

Dolphin Watching

Embark on a dolphin-watching boat trip from New Quay Harbor. The area is home to a resident population of bottlenose dolphins, and you might also spot seals and other marine life.

New Quay Beaches

Spend time on New Quay's beautiful sandy beaches, such as Traeth Gwyn and Traeth y Dolau. Relax, sunbathe, or take a dip in the clear waters of Cardigan Bay.

Heritage Centre

Visit the New Quay Heritage Centre, which offers insights into the town's maritime history, the local wildlife, and the legacy of poet Dylan Thomas, who lived here for a time.

Walking Trails

Explore the scenic coastline by walking along the Wales Coast Path, which offers breathtaking views and opportunities for birdwatching.

Local Cuisine

Enjoy fresh seafood and traditional Welsh cuisine at the town's various cafes and restaurants, many of which offer sea views.

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