Best Walking Holiday Hotspots in the UK

Explore the picturesque landscapes of the UK on foot!

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Couple enjoying the outdoors in the UK

Explore the great outdoors together

Are you a nature lover and adventure seeker looking for the perfect walking holiday destination in the UK? Look no further! From the picturesque countryside of Keswick to the stunning coastal walks in Newquay, the UK is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Whether you're into easy strolls or more challenging hikes, there is a perfect walking holiday spot just for you. Join us as we explore the best walking holiday hotspots in the UK and discover the beauty and tranquillity that await you.

Young couple walking in farm road

Get fit together in picturesque surroundings

Benefits of walking holidays

Embarking on a walking holiday not only offers a chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the UK but also provides numerous health benefits. Walking is an excellent way to stay active, improve cardiovascular fitness, and boost mental well-being. The serene surroundings of waterfalls, lush valleys and vast open moors, offer a tranquil setting to relax and unwind, reducing stress and promoting mindfulness. Additionally, walking in nature has been shown to enhance creativity and overall mood. By choosing to explore the UK on foot, you are not only treating yourself to a visually stunning experience but also investing in your physical and mental health.

Hiker standing on Catbells looking out over Derwent Water at sunrise. Easy Walks near Keswick. Cumbria

The stunning Catbells looking out over Derwent Water, Keswick

Walking holidays in Keswick

The enchanting allure of Keswick lies in its breathtaking natural beauty and diverse terrain, making it a haven for walking enthusiasts seeking tranquillity and adventure. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of serene lakeshores or conquer the heights of spectacular mountain peaks - Keswick offers a myriad of walking options to suit every preference. From leisurely ambles to challenging hikes, each trail promises a unique blend of exploration and relaxation, making Keswick an ideal destination for nature lovers and hikers alike. Experience the magic of Keswick on foot and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Fitz Park and River Walk - Start your walk at Fitz Park in Keswick and follow the path along the River Greta. This easy 1-mile journey offers scenic river views and opportunities to see wildlife, on an entirely tarmacked route. Derwentwater Shoreline Walk - Explore this 10-mile trail along Derwentwater's shores, boasting views of the lake and mountains. The flat, well-kept path circles the lake, passing Queen of the Lakes and through National Trust forests. Enjoy numerous cafes and scenic picnic spots. Starting at Keswick Launch, there are bus options available if you need to shorten the trip. Catbells Summit via Allerdale Ramble - Consider the slightly challenging yet manageable 3.5-mile hike up Catbells via the Allerdale Ramble for breathtaking views of Derwentwater, Keswick, Borrowdale, and surrounding fells. The walk, taking roughly 3 hours including stops, starts at the Hawes End Landing stage, accessible by launch from Keswick, with ample parking available at Keswick Rugby Club.

Exploring Keswick is not just about the breathtaking landscapes and invigorating hikes. Enhance your walking holiday by sampling the local dining scene and exploring the charming attractions the town has to offer. Indulge in hearty meals at traditional pubs serving local delicacies or treat yourself to fine dining experiences showcasing the best of Cumbrian cuisine. After a day of walking, unwind by visiting the various art galleries, museums, and shops that give Keswick its unique charm.

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Pennine Way from Kinder Scout

Pennine Way from Kinder Scout

Discover the charm of a walking holiday in Glossop, Derbyshire.

Glossop, situated in the High Peak area of Derbyshire, is a picturesque town surrounded by stunning countryside and rolling hills. With its proximity to the Peak District National Park, Glossop is the perfect destination for a walking holiday filled with breathtaking views and peaceful surroundings. From challenging hikes to leisurely strolls, Glossop offers a variety of walking routes to cater to all levels of fitness and experience. Whether you're a seasoned hiker looking for a new challenge or a casual walker in search of a relaxing getaway, Glossop has something to offer everyone. Join us as we explore some of the best walking holiday ideas in Glossop and make the most of your outdoor adventure in this beautiful region.

Bleaklow Head: This 8km trail offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and is known for its rugged terrain and peat bogs. It's a challenging hike, approx 2½ hours, but as the second highest point in the Peak District National Park, the panoramic vistas from the summit make it worth the effort. Kinder Scout: As the highest point in the Peak District, Kinder Scout offers breathtaking scenery and a variety of trails suitable for all levels of hikers. The Pennine Way crosses through here, providing opportunities for long-distance hikes or shorter loops. Lantern Pike: This is a more moderate trail that rewards hikers with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, including the Hope Valley and Kinder Scout. It's a great option for those looking for a less strenuous but still rewarding hike.

Whether you're in the mood for a leisurely meal or a casual bite these eateries will satisfy your cravings for top-notch nosh! Bulls Head Pub - Located at the entrance to Peak District National Park, this 16th-century pub offers delicious British cuisine ideal for dog lovers, hikers, and families. Enjoy everything from traditional pies to vegan options, along with tea, cake, or drinks in a cosy setting. Dukes Cafe - Situated on Glossop High Street, Dukes is perfect for a light lunch or a hearty breakfast. With a diverse menu featuring various cakes and coffee, it caters to all dietary needs and is a local favourite among hikers and residents. The Wheatsheaf - A quaint pub ideal for any day dining, offering everything from Sunday lunches to hearty meals. Refresh with a drink or coffee and enjoy the inviting atmosphere that welcomes dogs and hikers, conveniently located near many trails.

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Cornwall, The Lizard, Kynance Cove, Gull Rock, Asparagus Island

Cornwall, The Lizard, Kynance Cove, Gull Rock, Asparagus Island

Walking holidays in the Lizard Peninsula

The Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall is an ideal spot for a walking holiday, featuring stunning coastal scenes, quaint villages, and diverse wildlife. Catering to varying fitness levels, the area offers numerous trails from the famous Lizard Point to the scenic Cadgwith fishing village. Whether you prefer a gentle walk or an intense hike, the Lizard Peninsula has options to enhance your outdoor adventure in this beautiful part of Cornwall. Explore some holiday walking ideas to fully enjoy your stay.

Top walking routes to explore on the Lizard Peninsula

Get ready to elevate your walking holiday on the Lizard Peninsula with some truly spectacular routes! Whether you’re eager to admire the breathtaking beauty of Kynance Cove and its dramatic cliffs along the South West Coast Path or prefer a serene stroll through tranquil woodlands and heathlands by the Helford River Walk, there’s something here for everyone. History buffs will revel in the Lizard Circular Walk, where each step uncovers a part of this region's rich mining past against a backdrop of stunning coastal vistas. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes and captivating heritage of the Lizard Peninsula.

Aside from invigorating walks, the Lizard Peninsula offers a plethora of activities to complement your outdoor adventure. Explore charming fishing villages, visit historic landmarks such as Lizard Lighthouse, or indulge in local cuisine at seaside cafés. Take a boat trip to witness the stunning coastline from a different perspective, or try your hand at fishing or kayaking in the crystal-clear waters. Discover hidden coves, sandy beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries that are sure to captivate nature lovers. Whether you're seeking relaxation or excitement, the Lizard Peninsula has something for everyone to enjoy beyond its picturesque hiking trails. Make the most of your time exploring this breathtaking corner of Cornwall. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a casual stroller, the Lizard Peninsula offers something for every adventurer.

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A beautiful sunset over the Yorkshire Dales National Park

A beautiful sunset over the Yorkshire Dales National Park

The appeal of walking holidays in North Yorkshire

Discover the joy and serenity of nature like never before with a walking holiday in North Yorkshire ! This marvellous retreat offers you an unparalleled chance to unwind amidst captivating landscapes, where each step brings a fresh view—from enchanting heather-clad moors to verdant valleys fringed by ancient woodlands. As you wander through picturesque villages brimming with rich history and culture, your journey becomes more than just a walk—it turns into an adventure of discovery. Catering to all fitness levels, these well-laid-out routes invite you to stroll at your own pace, ensuring that everyone can fully enjoy the splendid vistas. Embrace the beauty and tranquillity that await—you’re sure to be enchanted by what North Yorkshire has to offer on foot!

Yorkshire Dales National Park: Dive into the breathtaking beauty of Yorkshire Dales, where every path tells a story. From its spectacular limestone formations to quaint valleys and captivating villages, this park is a paradise for walkers of all skill levels. Whether you're ambling around the awe-inspiring Malham Cove, conquering the summit of Pen-y-ghent, or trekking along the historic Pennine Way across wild moorlands, there's an adventure waiting at every turn.

North York Moors National Park: Spread across vast heather-clad moorlands, deep ancient woodlands, and striking coastlines—North York Moors promises endless discoveries for enthusiastic trekkers. Trace the Cleveland Way as it winds past stunning seaside vistas on cliff-top trails; lose yourself in serenity amid Dalby Forest’s lush trees; or roam the dramatic landscapes near Goathland—a real-life backdrop to TV classics like "Heartbeat" and movie magic from "Harry Potter."

Whitby to Robin Hood's Bay: Embark on a scenic coastal journey from Whitby’s historic streets to charming Robin Hood’s Bay. Treasure each step as magnificent views unfold—from glistening North Sea waves to rugged cliffs framing cosy beachside hamlets. Don't miss soaking in local history and hospitality by exploring hidden corners of Robin Hood's Bay—and maybe treat yourself to some delightful fish and chips!

North Yorkshire caters to all, from outdoor lovers to history enthusiasts and foodies. Explore picturesque towns like Whitby and Harrogate, stunning coastlines at Scarborough and Filey, and the historic city of York. Enjoy activities like hiking in the Yorkshire Dales or exploring the ancient streets and architecture of York. Don't miss the vibrant arts scene and local festivals highlighting regional creativity. North Yorkshire promises to captivate and inspire, making it the perfect destination for your next adventure. Pack your bags and discover all it has to offer!

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Bamburgh Castle at sunset, Berwick

Bamburgh Castle at sunset, Berwick

Discover the walking hotspots of Berwick-upon-Tweed

Berwick-upon-Tweed, nestled in Northumberland is not just a picturesque town with historic appeal but also a prime destination for walking aficionados. It boasts a variety of scenic walking paths, from stunning coastal routes overlooking the North Sea to tranquil riverside trails along the Tweed, catering to all nature enthusiasts. Whether you're an experienced hiker or just enjoy casual walks, Berwick has something for everyone. So lace up your walking shoes and get ready to explore Berwick’s natural beauty on foot.

Top walking hotspots in Berwick upon Tweed

Berwick Town Walls: Take a leisurely stroll along the historic Elizabethan walls that surround the town, offering breathtaking views of the River Tweed and the North Sea.

Berwick-upon-Tweed Coastal Path: Embark on a scenic coastal walk starting from the town's Quayside, passing by stunning beaches, cliffs, and wildlife habitats along the way.

The Lowry Trail: Explore the locations that inspired the famous artist L.S. Lowry in this self-guided walking trail, showcasing Berwick's artistic heritage and beautiful landscapes.

Embark on a unique exploration of Berwick upon Tweed by joining guided walking tours led by experienced local guides. These tours offer insightful commentary about the town's rich history, cultural landmarks, and hidden gems. Choose from a variety of themed tours such as historical walks, coastal trails, or nature hikes to suit your interests. Guided tours provide a structured and informative way to discover the walking hotspots of Berwick upon Tweed while learning fascinating facts along the way.

Discover the rich history and military significance of Berwick-upon-Tweed at the Berwick Barracks and Museum, featuring historic rooms and exhibitions about the town's past. Alternatively, enjoy a day at Berwick's scenic beaches like Spittal Beach or Cocklawburn Beach, where you can walk, paddle, or relax by the North Sea. Berwick-upon-Tweed also offers various festivals throughout the year, such as the Film & Media Arts Festival, Food & Beer Festival, and the Literary Festival. Be sure to check the events calendar for activities during your visit.

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Loch Alvie, Aviemore

Loch Alvie, Aviemore

Looking for a walking holiday in Aviemore?

Aviemore, nestled in the heart of Scotland's majestic Cairngorms National Park, is a dream destination for anyone passionate about outdoor adventures and walking holidays. Its richly varied landscape encompasses rugged terrains, lush forests, and sweeping vistas that promise exhilarating walking routes suitable for both seasoned hikers and leisure walkers alike. A standout feature of any Aviemore trekking experience is the chance to encounter its stunning waterfalls—each providing serene moments against picturesque settings.

The top waterfall walks in and around Aviemore

Exploring Aviemore's natural wonders through waterfall walks offers an enchanting outdoor experience, highlighting the area's cascading waters and scenic trails. Consider these top waterfall walks for your itinerary:

Rothiemurchus Waterfall Walk: Located near Aviemore, this walk features ancient Caledonian pine forests, the beautiful An Lochan Uaine (the Green Lochan), and Ryvoan Waterfall, complete with stunning visuals and wildlife spotting opportunities. Falls of Feshie: Situated a bit further from Aviemore in Glen Feshie, this remarkable waterfall features a trail that meanders through rugged landscapes and offers panoramic views of the mountains. Inshriach Forest: A short drive from Aviemore, Inshriach Forest contains several trails leading to captivating waterfalls like Uath Lochans and Uisge Dubh Waterfalls, nestled in serene forests teeming with wildlife.

As you prepare for your walking holiday in Aviemore, consider these tips to ensure a successful trip. Research the trail difficulty level and pack appropriate gear, including sturdy hiking boots and waterproof clothing. Plan your itinerary with breaks for resting and enjoying the scenic views along the way. Stay updated on the weather forecast and trail conditions to avoid any surprises during your hike.

Apart from exploring the beauty of this region on foot, there are plenty of other ways to discover this breathtaking destination. Experience the awe of Cairngorms from the Funicular Railway, explore mountain trails, dine at the Ptarmigan Restaurant, or enjoy winter sports on the peak. Ideal for both families and adrenaline seekers, the Landmark Forest Adventure Park features treetop trails, water coasters, wildlife experiences, and adventure playgrounds, catering to all ages. Travel through the stunning Cairngorms National Park in vintage carriages with the Strathspey Steam Railway, offering a picturesque ride past villages and landmarks.

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Views back to Porthmadog

Views back to Porthmadog

Woodland walks in Porthmadog

Porthmadog is an ideal destination for walking holidays, offering a variety of trails along its stunning coastline and through lush woodlands. This picturesque Welsh town caters to all walking abilities, from seasoned hikers to casual strollers. Explore ancient forests and tranquil riverside paths that promise to enchant and inspire nature lovers. Discover some of the best walking routes in Porthmadog, especially its captivating woodland walks.

Exploring the verdant woodlands of Porthmadog allows you to choose from numerous fascinating walking paths. Consider the Ffestiniog Railway Walk, blending historic allure with nature, or the serene Garreg Ddu Path, winding through ancient woods dotted with colourful plants. For expansive vistas, follow the Coed Dolgarrog Trail, offering stunning elevated views. Each path in Porthmadog promises a mix of peace and excitement, ensuring a memorable outdoor adventure.

Besides walking through lush verdant forests there is a plethora of exciting activities that you enjoy if the weather is not being kind. Here are our top picks:

Ride the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways: Experience the beauty of Snowdonia National Park aboard the historic steam trains of the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways. Enjoy panoramic views of mountains, valleys, and forests as you journey through stunning scenery on one of the world's most picturesque railway lines.

Visit Portmeirion Village: Explore the enchanting Italianate village of Portmeirion, famously designed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. Wander through colourful buildings, lush gardens, and scenic coastal paths, and discover hidden treasures around every corner. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy afternoon tea or indulge in a meal at one of the village's charming cafes or restaurants.

Take a Boat Trip on the Glaslyn Estuary: Embark on a relaxing boat trip along the Glaslyn Estuary, where you can admire views of Snowdonia's rugged mountains and coastal landscapes. Keep an eye out for wildlife, including seabirds, seals, and maybe even dolphins, as you cruise along the tranquil waters.

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In summary...

When embarking on walking adventures, it's essential to prioritise safety. Ensure you have the appropriate footwear for varied terrains and unpredictable weather conditions. Pack essentials like a map, compass, water, snacks, and a fully charged phone. Familiarise yourself with local trails and heed any warning signs or markers along the way. Stay mindful of coastal paths, cliffs, and tides, and avoid risky areas. In case of emergencies, know how to contact local authorities or emergency services. By staying prepared and cautious, you can make the most of your walking holiday throughout the UK.

Walking holidays in the UK offer a wonderful opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes and rich history of this beautiful country. Whether you're looking for coastal paths, picturesque countryside, or charming villages, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Let be your go-to guide for all things walking holidays in the UK. Get inspired by our suggestions and start planning your next adventure on foot!

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