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Nestled on the picturesque Isle of Arran, Brodick is more than just a charming village—it's a heartfelt invitation to discover nature's beauty and rich history. As the island's main port, Brodick is easily reached by ferry from the mainland, offering an effortless way to step into tranquillity. If you're captivated by history, love hiking adventures, or simply yearn for a peaceful setting to unwind, Brodick beckons. Discover our handpicked selection of Brodick cottages today—you deserve this experience. Brodick isn't just another travel destination; it's a place that captures hearts and creates unforgettable moments. What are you waiting for? Your beautiful escape starts with us.


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One must-see in Brodick is its majestic castle. Dating back to the 13th century, Brodick Castle not only stands as a monument of fascinating heritage but also boasts enchanting gardens and woodlands perfect for leisurely walks. A favourite among visitors is Goatfell Mountain—the tallest peak on Arran—which rewards hikers with breathtaking views that etch lasting memories.

Beyond its natural allurements and historic sites, Brodick exudes local charm with its range of independent shops, cosy cafes, and inviting restaurants where you can savour local dishes or find unique souvenirs.

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