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All you need to know on this Cornish paradise

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The Song of the Sea Cave, Nanjizal Beach, Cornwall

The Song of the Sea Cave, Nanjizal Beach, Cornwall

Exploring Cornwall's hidden gems

Nanjizal Beach in Cornwall is truly a hidden treasure, waiting for you to discover its quiet beauty. Away from the usual tourist routes, this serene spot offers stunning views and a peaceful ambience that's increasingly hard to find. Whether you want to lounge on the sandy shores or dive into the crystal-clear waters, Nanjizal Beach has something special for everyone.

Consider taking some time out of your busy life to experience what makes this place so unique. As soon as you step onto Nanjizal's golden sands, you'll feel like you've found a little piece of paradise. The area's clear waters and rugged cliffs offer not just spectacular scenery but also moments of genuine connection with nature.

Take a gentle walk along the shore, admire the fascinating rock formations, and breathe in that refreshing sea air deeply. Be sure to look out for interesting marine life—they remind us how vibrant our natural world is.

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Nanjizal Beach Sunset Cornwall

Nanjizal Beach at Sunset, Cornwall

Uncovering the Beauty of Nanjizal Beach

As you visit Nanjizal Beach, take a moment to truly appreciate the beauty around you. You may catch sight of adorable seals lounging in the sun, rare seabirds soaring gracefully above, and perhaps even a playful dolphin dancing through the crystal-clear waters. The rich marine life and vibrant flora that envelop this beach only deepen its enchanting charm, offering countless opportunities to experience nature's wonders firsthand.

Bring your binoculars for an even closer look at these hidden treasures that await in this natural paradise. And please remember — as you explore this stunning landscape, tread lightly and show respect for the incredible creatures who call it home.

A shipwreck has been discovered on Nanjizal Beach, lying half-buried in the sand and rocks. The remnants of the vessel present a haunting reminder of the perils faced by sailors navigating these treacherous waters. Visitors to the beach now have the opportunity to explore this historic wreckage and imagine the stories of those who once sailed upon it.

Cornwall has an abundance of stunning coastline and beautiful beaches, take time to visit Porthgwarra Beach, Chapel Porth Beach or even Pedn Vounder Beach. You won't be disappointed!

The wooden steps leading to Nanjizal Beach

The wooden steps leading to Nanjizal Beach

Planning Your Visit to Nanjizal Beach

To reach this serene and hidden gem of a beach, simply park your car at the Nanjizal car park. From there, follow the footpath that winds its way toward the coast. This walk will take you through charming countryside landscapes and along breathtaking cliff tops with mesmerising ocean views. Before long, you'll arrive at Nanjizal beach, where crystal-clear waters meet golden sands—an idyllic spot for a calm and restful day by the sea.

Reaching this serene haven isn't straightforward—it requires determination and a bit of adventure. There's no direct road leading to the beach; instead, visitors must traverse a steep coastal path and tackle some rocky terrain. Yet, it's precisely this challenge that makes Nanjizal special.

Because it's tucked away from easy access roads and bustling crowds, Nanjizal offers an unparalleled sense of peace and seclusion. For those willing to embark on the journey, the rugged untouched beauty awaits as your reward—a truly unique and picturesque coastal escape that stays with you long after you've left its shores.

Nanjizal Beach Facilities

  • Parking available
  • Dogs not allowed
  • No lifeguard
  • No facilities

Please note: Dogs are not permitted on Nanjizal Beach due to its designation as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and in order to protect the sensitive wildlife and habitats found in the area.

Celtic Sea Coast and cliffs in Nanjizal Beach, Cornwall,

Celtic Sea Coast and cliffs in Nanjizal Beach, Cornwall,

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