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My Doggy Dreams

I have dreams too you know! And no they're not all about chasing pheasants and stealing chicken from your plate (although I do like to do that...). No these are the big ones; the ones that get me kicking in my basket when I'm asleep - and they all involve you!

You see whenever you leave our patch, I always wish I could come too! Don't get me wrong I love our patch, even though it's still infested with squirrels, but my pal Bruno says that one time his humans took him away on a "holiday" and it was the best fun they ever had. So don't leave me with Grandma and her stale old treats, let me come too and we'll see what's out there!

Dogs running free

Running free

Bruno told me about these stretches of little golden stones called a beach where you can just run and run without the pesky lead getting in the way - I'd like that! The best bit is there are things hiding under it that are just waiting to be dug up! You know I'm good at that from when I helped you pull up all those silly flowers in our garden. Can't wait to try all that weird tasting water he mentioned too!

The biggest walk EVER

The best thing in my life is when we go out for walks together, but I'd love to do one that just went on and on. We'd head out into the largest green spaces and there'd be hills to run up, streams to paddle in and there are even these big things called mountains that I'm sure I could climb - honest! At the end of the day, I'd be so tired I'd just want to crawl onto your lap and fall fast asleep. Bliss!

A proper doggy paddle

Do you remember when I fell into the river chasing the ducks - wasn't that fun! Well I'd like to try that again please, although I promise I won't chase anything this time. Let me dive into lakes and I'll retrieve your favourite ball - you know, the one that you... just... keep... losing! I'll even wear one of those lifejackets if you want - anything just to get me in the water!

Dog in the water with stick
Dog in front of the fire

A dog's life

After all my walking, swimming and digging I'll definitely need a big meal, like the biggest I've ever had...and I suppose you might too. So once you've fed me my biggest-ever meal (just wanted to repeat that), we could walk to the local pub; and while you're tucking in I could curl up in front of a roaring fire and just relax for once. Oh and if you feel like throwing me some of your tasty food, then don't be embarrassed, I'm always happy to help.

So please let me come the next time you go away, wherever you travel, anywhere in the country, there's a cottage where we can stay. I'll be ever so well behaved and I'd love to tell Bruno about the time I went on a "holiday".

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