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The Dog Friendly Holiday Finder

Not sure where to go on holiday this year? Why not let your dog choose for you?

We’ve analysed the typical physical and behavioural traits of the nation’s most popular dog breeds* and matched them up with the perfect English holiday destination.

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*Dog breed popularity has been sourced from search data (March 2019) and cross referenced/altered in accordance with statistics from The Kennel Club. Dog breed information has been sourced from PDSA. Dog friendly beaches have been sourced from Dog friendly pubs have been sourced from Dog walk lengths have been sourced through’s own analysis of Google Maps. close
Still looking for four-legged holiday heaven? Take a look at our pet-friendly holiday page page for tail-wagging welcomes and amazing escapes.

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Choose your breed of dog from the list below**

Choose your breed of dog from the list below**

Please be aware that this map is just a fun guideline and, of course, your dog is an individual just like you.