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The Best British Microadventures for Autumn

Same breakfast. Same commute. Same old TV. The day to day can get dreary. But you don’t have to wait for your annual holiday to shake things up when you can have a microadventure right now!

First coined by adventurer Alastair Humphreys, a microadventure is about breaking up your normal routine and indulging your curiosity with a quick, achievable experience that pushes you outside your comfort zone.

From enlivening a weekday evening to spicing up a short break away, a microadventure is designed to fit into a busy lifestyle and let you enjoy the great outdoors in a way that’s simple, easy and cheap.

Best of all you don’t need to be superhuman or ridiculously fit to have a microadventure. Here are our favourite activities to smash the seasonal routine:

1. Camping at Home

Let's start small...

Camping in the garden. Toasted marshmallows, reading stories by torchlight and listening to the little sounds of nature all around… you’ll see your holiday home in a whole new light with a night outside.

Kids love how novel camping is, and it makes the perfect first step into adventuring. Best of all, as you lie snugly under canvas listening to the pattering rain, you can really rest knowing that all your holiday home comforts are just moments away.

2. Geocaching

Gone are the days of deciphering wrinkled-up notes from glass bottles, now treasure hunts are called geocaching and they’re heaps more fun!

Following clues and directions on your smart phone, you’ll explore Britain’s towns, cities and natural landscapes hunting for hidden caches. It’s the perfect way to zest up your favourite walks and get the kids exploring the outdoors.

There are thousands of geocaches across the UK to choose from. Visit the Geocaching website to start playing!

3. Wild Swimming

Be brave...

Taking the plunge in Britain’s rivers, lakes and waterfalls will certainly get your skin tingling - especially in late autumn! But wild swimming is one of the most exhilarating and memorable ways to experience these natural wonders.

From a quick dip in Cornwall’s St Nectan’s Kieve to paddling the iconic waters of the Lake District, there are hundreds of natural spots across Britain in which to splash about, visit the Wild Swimming website for details and safety tips.

4. Same city. New perspective.

Microadventures aren’t just limited to the wilderness they can happen anywhere – even in the city.

Open up new areas and experiences by hopping off your regular train at the end of the line and walking or cycling home - the ideal way to brighten up a mundane Monday!

Or climb a skyscraper, pinpoint a spot in the distance, then try to walk there. You could even take a step into your city’s past with an historic walking tour. Free self-guided tours are available in most UK cities including Bristol, Edinburgh and London.

5. Stargazing

Escape your worldly worries and explore the heavens. Rural Britain enjoys some of the darkest skies in Europe with a choice of International Dark Sky Parks and Reserves - though you can spy the galaxy’s brightest stars and planets even in a city!

So grab your binoculars and some snacks, lay out a picnic blanket and lose yourself in the wonders above. Whether you’re touring craters on the moon or observing Jupiter’s moons, few experiences are as magical, or romantic, as stargazing! See our stargazing guide for more details.

6. Complete a cycling challenge

Pottering around your local area by bike has its charms, but what about a real challenge? Something that will push you to your limits and really reward your efforts.

The UK has some monstrous cycling challenges to overcome - from fast-flowing off-road trails through national parks to gruelling hill climbs, there’s no shortage of new experiences available to you.

You could even combine your challenge with a charitable event to raise money for your favourite cause. Whether it’s London to Brighton, the Tour de Yorkshire Ride, the Fred Whitton Challenge or an off-road event, there are plenty of charity cycling events to accomplish nationwide.

And if you don’t fancy that, a pedal round the park provides the perfect quick adventure!

7. Fishing

Adventures don’t have to be intensive...

Fishing is a great escape from the masses and offers a chance to sit, relax and truly take in the great outdoors. And there’s something special and satisfying about catching your own dinner!

If you’ve never fished before there are training experiences across the country, both inland and at sea, to help you get started. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can pass your knowledge on to the kids - a proper life skill and a brilliant hobby!

8. Wild Camping

Ready to take your camping adventures outside of the garden? Then a night of wild camping in Scotland will really crank it up a notch.

Unlike in England and Wales you can, with a few exceptions, wild camp wherever you like in Scotland. Pitch by a Loch and enjoy a fresh early morning dip, camp by the coast and fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves, or climb a hill and awake to the most memorable sunrise… blissful.

And when you’re ready, you can head back to your holiday home for some much needed creature comforts. You’ll have earned it! Visit Scotland have lots of wild camping tips and advice to get you started.

9. Build a Den

The ultimate childhood adventure has to be den building. But a sofa fort isn’t going to cut it; creating a proper den means heading to your local woodland and getting hands on with nature!

Stacking logs, arranging twigs and slapping on leaves brings the whole family together and is one of those activities everyone remembers.

Once your forest hideaway is complete, break out the Thermos and camping stove and have lunch in the woods!

For den building tips and tricks visit the Forestry website.