Advice on holiday let mortgages

Having accumulated a wealth of knowledge over 40 years in the industry, we have assisted thousands of delighted owners in establishing their thriving holiday let business. Our experienced team is readily available to offer expert advice and guidance on all aspects of running a successful holiday property. We can also provide you with an accurate projection of your potential earnings, ensuring you are maximising your investment, whilst offering essential support and guidance for mortgage applications. Contact us today to speak to our property specialists and take advantage of our free advice.

Considerations for holiday let mortgages

  • The difference between a buy to let and holiday let mortgage
    A holiday let mortgage caters specifically to properties that are rented for short durations, providing greater flexibility in assessing the property's income potential

  • Increased earning potential
    Investing in a second property as a holiday let can boost earnings by up to 50% per week, reducing the time it takes to recoup the investment

  • Capital appreciation
    In most locations, holiday let properties tend to appreciate in value more quickly compared to primary homes. This means by investing in a holiday let, you stand a higher chance of making significant profits should you decide to sell your property later on

  • Deposit
    In almost all cases you’ll need at least a 25% deposit to get a holiday let mortgage (although some lenders will accept 20%). For example, if you were to buy a holiday property valued at £300,000, you would usually need a minimum deposit of £75,000

  • Loan to value ratio
    Loan-to-value (LTV) is the loan amount compared to the property value. E.g., if the property is worth £300,000 and you want to borrow £225,000 (with a 25% deposit), the LTV would be 75%. Holiday let mortgages typically have LTVs ranging from 60% to 75%

  • Income forecast
    To obtain a holiday let mortgage, a reputable holiday letting agent must provide an income forecast that outlines expected low, medium, and high seasonal rental earnings for the property over 30 weeks. can provide a FREE income forecast

  • If refurbishment is required
    You might consider exploring the option of a bridging loan for properties that need refurbishment before generating holiday let income. It provides funds without immediate mortgage payments. Loan is repaid at the end of the mortgage term with interest

How can help let your holiday home?

Choosing the right people to let your holiday home is incredibly important. We have been supporting owners for over 40 years' to ensure the whole experience is hassle-free and most of all a success.

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With a multimillion-pound marketing budget, our proven targeted marketing strategies deliver bookings for our holiday homeowners.

Experienced owner support

We offer a range of owner support services, and our experienced and friendly, UK-based owner support is available 7 days a week via telephone, email or web chat.

Payments in advance

You will benefit from receiving payments in advance of your guests' arrival.

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