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Nestled in the heart of Pembrokeshire, West Wales, the Preseli Hills are a treasure trove of breathtaking landscapes and awe-inspiring views. This region holds a profound historical significance, housing ancient burial sites and standing stones like the famed Stonehenge bluestones, which were quarried from this very area. Visitors can immerse themselves in nature by exploring various hiking trails, including the celebrated Preseli Ridge Walk. Here, you can truly appreciate the pristine natural beauty that defines this corner of Wales. The hills are teeming with diverse wildlife—rare birds, mammals, and unique plant species—that captivate nature enthusiasts from near and far. For those seeking tranquillity amid stunning scenery, our carefully curated selection of cottages in Preseli Hills offers an idyllic retreat. Come find your peace in this remarkable landscape.

Preseli Hills

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Inspiration of things to see and do from our cottages in Preseli Hills

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Here are the top five things to do in the Preseli Hills:

Hiking and Walking Trails

Explore the diverse landscapes and stunning views by hiking the numerous trails in the Preseli Hills. The Golden Road is a particularly popular ancient track that runs along the spine of the hills, offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Visit Pentre Ifan

This iconic Neolithic dolmen is one of the most well-preserved and impressive ancient monuments in Wales. It's a must-see for history enthusiasts and offers insight into the area's prehistoric past.

Explore Carn Menyn (Carn Meini)

This rocky outcrop is believed to be the source of the bluestones used to construct Stonehenge. The area is rich in archaeological significance and provides a fascinating glimpse into ancient stone quarrying practices.

Ffynnone Waterfall

A beautiful natural waterfall located in a secluded woodland setting, perfect for a peaceful walk and a chance to connect with nature. It's an ideal spot for photography and relaxation.

Preseli Astronomy

Due to low light pollution, the Preseli Hills are an excellent location for stargazing. On clear nights, the dark skies provide breathtaking views of the Milky Way and various constellations, making it a perfect spot for astronomy enthusiasts.

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