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How eco-friendly is your holiday home?

In the modern day we’re all trying to do that little bit extra to protect our environment and becoming more eco-friendly in as many ways as we possibly can. From recycling to switching off the lights when we leave a room, homeowners are more aware of the effect that we can have by being more “green” and this goes for holiday home owners, too.

While the main purpose of running a holiday home is to generate additional income by letting your property to holidaymakers, it’s also important to save money wherever possible and that can go hand-in-hand with making your holiday home more eco-friendly.

Woman buying Eco light bulbs

By making just a small number of changes to the way we live and the ways that we run our holiday homes – including the things that we provide for our guests – we can reduce monthly bills and make the property more profitable and more green in the process.

We can reduce monthly bills and make the property more profitable and more green
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Why is "going green" so important?

Everyone cares about the environment and we all have our own ways of doing our bit, whether it’s recycling or using energy-saving light bulbs. When we asked some of our cottage owners why they felt the need to make their holiday homes more eco-friendly, the most common responses were:

  • Protecting the environment. Stopping the impact of global warming was of paramount importance to our owners.

  • Lower utility bills. Bringing down the monthly energy costs was also important with energy-saving bulbs and solar panels popular solutions and great ways to reduce bills.

  • Protecting our children’s futures. Finally, it was deemed important to be protecting the next generation by using sustainable materials and recycling as much as possible.

Turning the heating down by just one degree could save as much as 10 per cent off your annual heating bill

How do I make my holiday home more eco-friendly?

We’ve already touched upon energy saving light bulbs, but there are a whole host of things you could be doing.

If you’ve already opted for energy saving bulbs and are thinking of doing more to protect the environment and save money, here are some extra ideas on how to make your holiday home even greener:

  • Turn down the thermostat. Research has shown that turning the heating down by just one degree could save as much as 10 per cent off your annual heating bill. Obviously, you don’t want to create a negative experience for guests by leaving them freezing cold during their stay, but the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.
  • Check the efficiency ratings on appliances. When buying a new kitchen appliance such as an oven or fridge freezer, be sure to opt for one of the most energy efficient models – usually rated A+ or even A++ and you could save hundreds each year.
  • Improve insulation. With heat rising and capable of escaping through your roof it’s important to improve insulation. You could save as much as 25 per cent off your annual heating bill!
  • Switch to a water meter. Switching to a water meter could save between £50 and £75 each year. Alternatively, you could collect and store rainwater that can then be used to water plants in the garden.
  • Install solar panels. Collecting natural energy, solar panels can convert sunlight into power that you can use to power your lights or heat your water.
  • Charging points for electric cars. Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming more common so you could look to install a charging point at your holiday home. Although it may increase your electricity bill slightly you may benefit from additional bookings.

To find out more information or to get advice from one of our local holiday letting experts about how to make your holiday home more eco-friendly, get in touch with today.

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