5 simple improvements to make before your next guests arrive

Whenever your property is empty of holidaymakers there are checks and improvements you should make to help increase your bookings in the future.

5 simple improvements to make before your next guest arrive

In fact, you should act quickly if your previous guests mention any suggested improvements in their feedback, because if they’ve noticed something that isn't quite right, the chances are that your next guests will too.

You may also want to consider a coffee machine, toastie maker, slow cooker and other technology such as a DVD player and Xbox

5 Simple Improvements

So what simple improvements can you make to increase customer satisfaction and gain new and repeat bookings? Here are some suggestions and considerations:

  • Remember that cleanliness really is key. Keeping your property well maintained is vital so if you’re unable to do it yourself, make sure you find someone you can trust. A dirty bathroom or a broken oven makes for bad reviews, which could deter future customers from booking.

  • Making your property available to pets as well as people is a great way to increase bookings. If you’re happy to do this, ensure that you have the necessary facilities within the property such as water and food bowls as well as an enclosed garden or courtyard.

  • Consider installing a hot-tub. Hot-tubs are becoming increasingly popular and are one of the most searched for features on On average, our properties with hot-tubs attract more bookings than those without so adding one to your holiday home is likely to increase its desirability.

  • Providing a simple breakfast starter pack including locally sourced bread, milk, coffee and eggs is a nice touch that helps make guests' lives easier and creates a lasting impression. Naturally, a complimentary bottle of wine for the evening is always welcome too. It's amazing how much thoughtful touches like these can increase the likelihood of your guests re-booking or recommending your property to others.

  • Most holidaymakers expect the same mod cons they'd use at home, so a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave and free Wi-Fi are pretty essential. You may also want to consider a coffee machine, toastie maker, slow cooker and other technology such as a DVD player and Xbox.

Hot-tubs are becoming increasingly popular
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What to look out for in the future

When you go into your property you need to make sure to check every single room in great detail. For instance, check how the bed looks and feels in the bedrooms. It might be time to change the lumpy mattress or to invest in some new sheets for your next guests. Similarly, you might want to fix that leaky tap in the bathroom or install a Jacuzzi bath.

Quality furnishings and fittings that are well co-ordinated help to create a comfortable and homely atmosphere. Fitted rather than freestanding kitchen units will always make the best impression. We also recommend you consider adding other items such as good quality matching crockery, glassware and cutlery which are free from scratches, chips and cracks.

Keep a close eye on the condition of the furniture in the Living Room so that you can identify the right time to replace it, and the same goes for the TV and DVD player – up-to-date electrical appliances can be a major selling point especially when guests need to occupy themselves on rainy days.

Also, make sure that you check everything in the garden, ensuring that the barbecue is clean, the patio furniture is in good condition and that the patio is weed-free.

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