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Nestled in the rolling hills of Cumbria, Alston invites you to escape the rush and slow down. This charming market town, perched on the edge of the North Pennines, exudes a tranquil ambience that instantly puts you at ease. Alston's timeless appeal extends to its panoramic vistas, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding moorlands and valleys. Whether you're after outdoor adventures in the nearby North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or prefer to explore the town's unique shops and cosy tearooms, Alston promises a serene retreat. Our Alston cottages cater for all tastes and budgets, from luxurious to budget-friendly, from dog-friendly to family-friendly. Discover the beauty of simplicity and the joy of unhurried moments in this idyllic town, where relaxation and warmth go hand in hand.


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Inspiration of things to see and do in our cottages in Alston

This picturesque town is known for its charming streets, historic architecture, and stunning landscapes. Alston is surrounded by beautiful countryside, making it a great base for outdoor activities. Enjoy cycling or walking along the Pennine Way, Coast-to-Coast Cycle Route, and other scenic trails. If you fancy adding a touch of whimsy to your holiday experiences then read on. With the largest collection of Cumbrian cottages, we have the perfect home away from home for you.

Here are the top 5 things to see and do from our cottages in Alston:

The Smallest Pub in England

Pay a visit to The Golden Lion, proudly boasting the title of "The Smallest Pub in England." Step into this cosy establishment, soak up the charming atmosphere and enjoy a pint in close quarters.

South Tynedale Railway's Ghost Train

Embark on a unique journey aboard the South Tynedale Railway's Ghost Train. This seasonal, after-dark ride through the enchanting countryside offers a whimsical blend of spooky tales, ghostly sightings, and the beauty of Alston's landscapes under the moonlight.

Battlemented Alston Arches

Explore the unusual battlemented arches that grace the town. These architectural oddities, known as the Alston Arches, add a distinctive flair to the streets. Snap some photos and appreciate the charm of these medieval-style arches in a modern setting.

Isaac's Tea Trail

Follow in the footsteps of Isaac Holden, a Victorian tea seller, on the Isaac's Tea Trail. This offbeat walking route takes you through scenic landscapes and historical sites, offering a blend of nature, history, and the fascinating story of Isaac Holden's tea-selling adventures.

Garrigill Welly Wanging Championship

Join in the fun at the annual Garrigill Welly Wanging Championship. Compete or cheer on participants as they showcase their welly-wanging skills, a traditional Cumbrian sport involving throwing Wellington boots for distance. It's a lighthearted and humorous event that captures the spirit of Alston's community and adds a quirky twist to your visit.

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